About Fast Company Press

Fast Company Press is the official imprint of Fast Company Magazine. We’re turning the publishing industry on its head and want business leaders who have done the same.

Fast Company Press offers the distribution muscle and brand recognition of a traditional press while still allowing authors full rights to their own work.

We’re looking for authors who ignore the status quo and look at the world a little differently. We want to hear from business professionals who have stories of innovation in technology, leadership, or design.

What Makes Fast Company Press Peerless?

Author Ownership
of Rights

They’re your words, your ideas. You should own the rights to them and be free to monetize your content as you choose.


Seeing your book on a bookstore or airport shelf is the ultimate sign of author credibility. We have the retail connections and distribution know-how to get your book on shelves across the nation.

Production Quality

Our designers and editors are the best in the biz. Collaborate with them to create a book that is both marketable and in line with your publishing goals.


Fast Company Press authors are featured in print and online advertisements, giving them unprecedented access to the millions of readers in the Fast Company Magazine audience.

The Fast Company Audience


Median Age: 43 years

54 / 46

Gender Ratio: 54% Male; 46% Female


Monthly Page Views: 18.3 Million

We seek out business professionals who have changed their industries for the better and want to tell their story. Do you have a story to share?